Tuesday, September 19, 2006

New Site and Blog

So I finally got my own website here!


My new blog is also there, which is updated daily!

Thursday, April 20, 2006

How Not to Attract Women

I will never understand how men could ever possibly think they could get a woman's interest by flashing. It is the complete opposite of sexy, and attractive, it is stupid, ridiculous, and laughable. What planet are these men from? Maybe men get turned on if a strange sexy chick flashes their assets just for them, but believe me, for women, that's just plain skeevy. Especially on the NYC subway. It's the subway for cryin' out loud! Wanna pick up chicks? How about the old fashioned way of starting a conversation? You're just showin' what kind of ridiculous idiot fuckwit you are.

I got news for you men. Wanna attract chicks? Work out, read lots, and dress well. (In otherwords, be like a gay guy). That goes far further then any risky flash that will get your picture posted on the internet under a giant flashing red sign that says SKEEVE BALL.

Saturday, April 01, 2006

Hot married housewives

Ever wonder why so many happily married housewives are the ones churning out the romance novels and erotica? Are single women sexually repressed? Or does marriage sexually liberate women? It’s so strange. Google some romance or erotica writers’ homepages and more than half of the ones with bios describe themselves as married, or having a partner. Why is that? Despite the vaunted “single” girl life ala Sex in the City, are married women having a better sex life? Maybe it’s all Desperate Housewives.